The official lyric video for Zaza's "Party Till 6" featuring Rezi and Pash Lyfe is out now.



Zaza Tevtidze (born July 4, 1998), better known by his stage name Zaza (formerly known as Lil Beat), is a Georgian hip-hop, electronic dance music producer and DJ.
Born in Batumi, Georgia in 1998, Zaza began in music at the age of 7, when he started going to music school and playing piano, from 2005 until 2011. He made his jumpstart into the dance music and hip-hop world in mid 2013 with his since retired alias, "Lil Beat". Zaza has produced the biggest hip-hop/rap hits in local scene at very young age including "Chemi Qalaqi", "Tsl Shavi Zeda", "Tovlis Babu", "Done" and many more.
His first release under his original artist name, "Killa (Zaza Remix)" was released on March 4, 2016 and it was premiered on the Skrillex owned media Nest HQ with support from OWSLA and Skrillex himself. Killa remix followed two self-releases "Decisions" and "Night In Batumi". Zaza closed 2016 with his latest release "Be Together" on UK based record label NoCopyrightSounds.
Zaza self-released "Forever" in July 2017, after almost 7 months of releasing "Be Together" . The track gained good attention from listeners on streaming services.
His next self-release "Let Me Tell You" featuring 2 producers, HaruTune and Mad Man Lee who are also based in Georgia, was Zaza's comeback to the trap music scene from future bass. The song released on August 18, 2017 and became an anthem of Georgian trap music scene.
Zaza's new song "Lifeline" featuring Philosofie was released on dutch DJ and Producer, Bakermat's label Big Top Records on December 15th.
In 2018, Artist released his new single "Party Till 6" featuring Georgian singer Rezi and the rapper Pash Lyfe.
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